Don't Breathe!!!

Some homes have been vacant for quite some time.  Of the vacant homes, a few are foreclosures.  I recently inspected a home to find a used toilet but the water was turned off.  This was not a pretty sight.  If I were ever looking for another home and my family were with me, if I saw this, we'd leave immediately.  Unknown germs in the air could be problematic, even for the strong immune systems.  Yuk!!  Do you need a Montrose inspection?  Call me.  Of course, I inspect in many areas including Honesdale, New Milford, Hallstead, Great Bend, Williamsport, and more... Call 570-504-8393.
Odor, biological goodies, and bad stomach

Submitted by GregScheer on Sat, 09/20/2014 - 20:46.


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