Home Inspection Prices

Congratulations!  You're going to be a new home owner!  Now you need an inspection. I sometimes, but rarely, get potential clients (and agents calling for their clients) asking why I am more expensive than others.  The "more expensive" amounts to approximately $50-$70.  "People want me to inspect their house," because I devote my day to my Client and provide them with the best possible inspection ever--photos, descriptions, recommendations, complimentary infrared for residential inspections, and knowledge.  The moral of this story is, if you are buying one of the largest investments of your life, would you be willing to pay a little more for a lot more inspection, or $20,000 to a contractor to repair what the other inspector missed...for a $75 savings (for an inspector who has three booked inspections that day)?  If you're looking for a cheap inspection, do not scroll down.  Roll your dice and do not get an inspection, saving all that money.  If you are serious to know about your potential purchase, I'm your inspector.

The cost of a home inspection is very small compared to the value of your new home, but our inspection is worth more than you could pay.  The national average basic home inspection price for up to a 2000 sqft home is approximately $500.  This is only a basic home inspection and does not include other items that may increase the cost.  You should expect to pay somewhere near the national average, otherwise you may be cheating yourself out of the highest quality of inspection.  A certified  inspector earns their fee many times over, especially when there are potential issues in your contracted home purchase.  Some inspectors significantly undercut the national average pricing, but the buyer must beware: an inspection saving you $75-$250 can sometimes cost you thousands of dollars after you own the home because items were not properly inspected or reported.

Our fee schedule is based upon many factors so it's best to call or email for a quote.  Our home inspection pricing aligns with the national average, but includes a free internal infrared scan, full color photos, a report generated within 24 hours (typically the same evening as the inspection), and the ability to add on services at a bundled rate.  We devote our inspection to you, our Client.  If the house is good, bad, or indifferent, we report to you our findings.  You can count on us "having your back" during this critical home purchase inspection.  YOU WANT US TO INSPECT YOUR HOUSE!!! Scroll to the bottom to see our basic pricing.

Commercial inspections are very reasonable and just as detailed as a residential inspection.
Stand-alone Thermal Energy Scan is approximately $.23/sq ft, or by the hour/day, with or without reports. Pricing depends upon your requirements and budget constraints--Call!

(Only a Thermographer can show you this)

Only a thermographer can SHOW you heat loss in your home
The purple area is 8° colder than the rest of the ceiling (no insulation)

Our Typical Home Inspection Prices:

  • Basic Home Inspection: $525 (includes infrared), plus $10/100sqft over 2000 sqft
  • Water test: $175 for coliform and eColi, $210 for VA/FHA/USDA.  if a client has other sampling requests, sampling fee increases depending upon the request (lab fees)
  • Septic Dye Test: $210 without home inspection, $135 with a home inspection.  We do not dig up tank lids.
  • Pest inspection: same pricing as septic
  • Radon: $210 without home inspection, $175 with home inspection
  • Mold testing: $550 for inspection and report, plus $95/sample; with a home inspection, the inspection and report price is reduced to $370 but no change to sampling prices
  • I also offer property consulting in lieu of a written inspection.  The price is approximately $150 less than the home inspection report, but we supply no pictures, and make no notes.  A consult is geared toward someone who doesn't want an inspection report, but wants another set of eyes to look at the home.  We've done several for buyers in our area, instead of inspecting (with a report), then the client had us do an inspection (with report) for the home on which they decided to submit a purchase contract

Radon mitigation and Mold remediation

  • Radon mitigation: basic charge is $1950 with a guaranty to reduce the level below 4.0 pCi/l (case-by-case).  If more than one suction point is needed, or extensive system install is required, the price increases slightly
  • Mold remediation: Essentially, $1000/day of required remediation.  All of our mold remediations have a proposal where we list out prices with scope of work, etc.  If the area to be remediated is large enough and would best be served by dry-ice blasting, the dry ice operation is more costly (approximately $3500/day) but the savings comes in the form of reduced project duration, so the pricing per day averages the same.  We must perform a site visit to establish an accurate estimate.