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scranton pennsylvania energy auditAn energy audit is what most Scranton, Pennsylvania residents and business owners consider when they are experiencing heat loss, energy loss, and air infiltration issues with their home or building.  The problem with most energy audits in and around Scranton and Lancaster is they focus on electrical energy saving ideas such as installing compact energy audit scranton pennsylvaniafluorescent light bulbs (CFL's) and replacing older appliances.  We all know that newer appliances are much more effecient than our 10 or 20 year old existing appliances, and that compact fluorescent lights use much less energy than traditional incandescent light bulbs. Our Scranton and Lancaster clients don't need to pay for this information--you want to know where heat is escaping, why you can't cool an area of your home or building, or why your fuel bills scranton energy auditare so outrageous.  Our Inspections and Thermal Imaging will do precisely that and more.  Our energy survey will show you exactly where air infiltration is occuring, where insulation may have settled or been left out by the builder, and more.

Typically this service is only considered by area residents during the heating season when fuel bills appear to literally go scranton energy audit heat lossthrough the roof.  The fact is heat or energy loss occurs throughout the cooling season as well.  The same factors affecting your fuel bills are affecting your electric (for the A/C) during the summer months.  GC Scheer Inspections & Testing, LLC's Thermal inspections work just as well during the summer as they do in the winter and provide the same level of service to help you cut your energy and fuel bills!

Our services help you identify areas of concern and where to focus your repair efforts to achieve the "best bang for the buck".  Many of our clients have cut their heating costs by 20% or more and achieved more comfortable rooms, homes, and buildings by following our recommended advice.

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Contact us today to discuss your energy efficiency needs or to schedule an Infrared Thermal survey before your next cooling or heating bill arrives!