Thermal Imaging Inspections

Thermal Inspections


Infrared (thermal imaging) is an advanced non-destructive technology that allows me to show you things about your home that no one can show you with conventional inspection methods. This technology was previously only used by the military and NASA but now is used by firefighters, search and rescue personnel, and inspection companies.  The possible infrared uses are countless but an infrared inspection can identify and document:

*electrical faults before they cause a fire.
*overloaded and undersized circuits.
*circuit breakers in need of immediate replacement.
*missing, damaged, and/or wet insulation.
*heat loss and air infiltration in walls, ceilings, floors, windows and doors.
*water and moisture intrusion that could lead to mold.
*possible pest infestation.
hidden roof (especially flat) leaks, before they cause serious damage.
*air conditioner compressor leaks.
*under fastening and/or missing framing members.
*structural defects.
*broken seals in double pane windows.

*energy loss and efficiency.
*dangerous flue leaks.
*damaged and/or malfunctioning radiant heating systems.
*unknown plumbing leaks.
*overheated equipment.

How it works

Thermography is the science of infrared imaging.  We are your neighbor and can assist you with your personal or company needs. Our inspections include residential and commercial applications and provide you with the tools to save energy, save money; increase up-time, decrease down-time! Gaps in insulation within walls and ceilings; Moisture in walls, under roofs or floors; Wiring mistakes in relays and switches; Gas, air or stream leaks in pipes; Overload issues in motors or pumps; Component failures in circuit boards; Inspect equipment and buildings; Perform routine maintenance/Predictive Maintenance (PdM); Any issue where temperature, hot or cold, is a factor; Confirm repairs have been made correctly; Discover and diagnose potential breakdowns.  INFRARED can "See" it.

Thermal inspections are essential!  With increasing energy costs, it pays to make our homes more green.  New homes are being built to better standards with more insulation, tighter weather seals, and more efficient appliances.  If your home is new and your utility bills are higher than your neighbor's or more than you think they should be, you may have something wrong in your house.  This can range from incomplete or displaced insulation and missing weather stripping to disconnected or leaking duct work. 

Many older homes were built without insulation and not to exacting standards. Thermal scanning these homes will provide essential heat-loss information for the quickest and lowest expense repair--replacing/adding insulation. Call us and allow us to help save you money.

Thermal imaging scans can see this is missing insulation.  The area on the left is four feet by approximately two feet.  The area on the right is nearly that large.  Both require more energy because of the lack of insulation; mutliply this energy increase by ten or more (typical) and the cost is dramatic.  A thermal inspection reveals areas such as these and enables pinpoint repairs.

Displaced insulation     Nearly 8 square feet of missing insulation

Another problematic area is around doors.  Deteriorated weatherstrip seals or missing seals can create heat loss.  Improperly installed doors that do not completely close add to the sealing problem.  These areas are sometimes easy to feel, but not usually so when windows "leak heat".  A thermal infrared inspection reveals these areas.
Leaking door seals           Leaking heat around tops of windows

Heating and Air ductwork can become disconnected or deteriorated without notice.  This can lead to higher utility bills and make the homeowner wonder why.  Thermal imaging can "see the heat."

Thin insulation over duct shows heat loss              Leaking connection


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