How Infrared Works

Thermal Imaging Basics

About Thermography

Thermography is the science of infrared imaging.  The military has been using infrared for decades, and fire departments use it to find hot spots, and recently the technology was adopted for civilian applications.  We have infrared capability and use it to perform thermal infrared inspections in northeastern Pennsylvania. 

Everything on Earth (trees, people, and even ice) radiates heat energy that we cannot see.  This energy is in the form of heat.  A thermal imaging camera is specially made to see this energy.  A quick look at the diagram below shows where infrared is on the spectrum.  Note the visible light begins with the color purple on the left and ends, at the right side of the visible spectrum, with red.  Thus, the next area is InfraRed (Beyond Red), not seen with the naked eye.

"Infrared zone" Electromagnetic Spectrum (Infrared measured at 7.5-14 microns)

A trained and certified Thermographer interprets these images and understands how conditions affect the images. Infrared has tremendous capaibilities especially in the winter months in cold climates; finding missing insulation and even moisture caused by ice dams.

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