Mold in my house

Mold in Pennsylvania

Yucky mold is BAD!  Winter is approaching, and we're going back to the lake house to winterize and close it up.  Maybe you have a mold problem in your primary home.  What do you do?

  • Back out and close the door. Call me and I will test your home to see if mold is actively growing in its new Eco-environment.

But I want to chance my and my family's health to save a buck.  Then do this:

  • Mask up!  If you don't know how bad it is, but smell something "off," it's probably bad!  Purchase an N-95 (cloth mask) or P-100 respirator!  Many molds are allergens and if you are allergic, you might be in trouble.  Some molds are terrible and if you breathe it it, you're in trouble.
  • Bring your HEPA vacuum and start cleaning--everything!!!! Do the floors, the walls, the carpet, all horizontal and vertical surfaces.  Get every crack and crevice you can find!
  • Turn on the dehumidifier and get the relative humidity down to 30% - 50%.  You can purchase a hygrometer from a hardware store to help you with that.
  • Purchase a fungicide and start spraying--light coats are plenty--on your source
  • Wash all surfaces thoroughly--use the fungicide and gloves.  Bleach doesn't kill the rooting system of mold.  Bleach is like setting the mower deck really low and cutting the crab grass in your lawn--it comes back.
  • HEPA vacuum again--everything!!! Be sure to use a clean filter.
  • Air scrub the air with a HEPA air scrubber--it's easy to do if you can find the proper equipment.
  • Fix the moisture source.  It could be ice damming, leaking pipe(s), poor ventilation, improper grading/drainage around your home, or some other hidden sources that a pro will find.
  • Wish yourself luck and hope that it's clean.

An alternative is hire the cleaning to someone trained to do it and will be sure the problem is gone.  If you need help with that, call us because we can do it and not cost you an arm, leg, or break the bank to do so.  We offer a cold-air fogging that can coat the inside of your home with a biostatic layer that will kill microbes for up to 90 days.  It doesn't clean, but it prevents!  If you want the mold gone, we use dry ice blasting.  Click here to see more on our dry ice remediation, or call for more details: 570-504-8393