Dry Ice Blasting

Effective Mold Remediation

Most mold remediators use a variety of techniques to clean mold, but only a handful of companies use Dry Ice.  What is dry ice blasting? Dry ice blasting uses pressured air, and dry ice as the media, to remove mold.  Instead of conventional methods of sanding and wiring brushing, dry ice decreases the required cleaning time, and saves our Clients money. 

Dry ice removing the black staining in the attic roof decking

How it works:
Dry ice impacts the substance at 1000 feet/sec and causes the substance to embrittle by freezing it, the dry ice sublimates (evaporates) during impact while increasing its volume by over 800 times (microexplosions).  The microexplosions blows the substance from the surface being blasted without damaging the substrate.  Results: a CLEAN SURFACE.
Take a look at the following before and after pictures:

Mold found on the roof decking-beforeMold found on the roof decking-after

Images courtesy of Cold Jet

We have seen multiple cases of homes with the above photos during PA inspections in Honesdale, Montrose, Scranton, Hallstead, Great Bend, Lake Ariel, and Susquehanna.  This is not uncommon.  What is uncommon is the proper cleaning of molds to prevent them from returning.

Mold removal is only one application using this equipment.  Fire restoration, and more, are available services.  GC Scheer Inspections & Testing, LLC is a Green company, and utilizing COLD JET equipment, the best in the industry, adds to us being Lean, Clean, and Green. 

Ecological benefits of using dry ice:
The dry ice is made from food-grade CO2 (approved by FDA, EPA, USDA), no residue, no secondary waste, no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), and the dry ice is made from recycled CO2 (not considered as CO2 contributors to greenhouse effects by USEPA).

Call now for an appointment.  We will take great care of you and your property by professionally removing the mold. 

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