Pre-listing Inspection

GCS Home Inspections serves Scranton, Honesdale, Montrose, and nearby areas. 

The home inspection industry is under-utilized.  Recently, I have inspected homes for buyers and have found defects that should have been identified before the property was placed on the market.  Some Scranton, PA properties are nearly as old as some of the Montrose, PA properties.  With age comes additionally-required maintenance.  Sometimes I wish I followed my father's footsteps and became a master carpenter, but when I get into crawl spaces and find fungus growing on the subfloors, I am happy that I only perform inspections and not repairs.

Many of the defects I find in homes are preventable and repairable.  The problem, then is when are the defects found.  If I wished to sell my home, I would want to receive top dollar for it.  Instead of an inspector finding improperly-wired outlets, cracked windows, leaking plumbing, peeling paint and deteriorated trim (to mention only a few of my recent finds), I would rather have the inspector find nothing and receive a clean bill of health for my home.  What then is there to negotiate?  Nothing! 

Call GCS Home Inspections for your property inspection needs.  We travel to Scranton, PA, Wilkes-Barre, PA, Honesdale, PA, Montrose, PA, and so many more areas.  We do not charge a fuel fee unless we must travel outside 150 miles from our based area.  Call us, send us an email, or stop by to see us. 

Remember, top dollar for your house is a result of a proper pre-listing inspection.


Submitted by GregScheer on Fri, 04/27/2012 - 05:38.

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