Pilot turn home inspector?

Construction was always my passion, but I really dislike roofing and sweating copper pipes--just ask my teacher (Dad). 

It may appear scary on the surface, but I actually am a doctoral student AND a home inspector (PA-Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, Montrose, Honesdale, Harrisburg, Lancaster, and more).  I currently hold an MBA and am working on my DBA; I'm a life-long learner.  Of course, I'm not "just out of the box" with inspections.  I opened my company during my 26 years of active duty military service, and have been inspecting since 1998.  My initial training was from my father as I was growing up--dad was a builder, so I learned "the ropes" in construction.  Despite becoming a USAF pilot, I maintained my father-taught skills through real estate investing.  One day a colleague asked if I had ever considered becoming a home inspector.  I took training, became certified, and performed part-time inspections until 9/11.  When I retired from the military in 2008 I reopened my business and began full-time inspecting in CA.  Now, in PA where I grew up, I teach college part time, and have returned to school.  Inspections remain at the forefront; home inspections, mold inspections, indoor air quality, thermography, and more. I exceed my required CEs.  I even go flying once in a while :).  I charge a little more than the other inspectors in my area, but what my Clients get for their slightly higher fees is an inspection like no other.  As a minimum, I typically spend three plus hours on site.  I sometimes use my infrared capability, and my reports are well-analyzed, synthesized, and accurately reported with full-color photos making the report easier to read and understand. 

We're a Green company as we send our reports electronically, educate our Clients on how to improve the efficiency of their new home; and I produce, and use B100 biofuel (100% waste veggie oil transesterifcated fuel).  My biofuel production byproducts are used to make soap, used as fertilizers, or Presto-type logs.  Everything is usable.

Cell: 530-844-0222

My "once upon a time" life

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