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Home Inspections and Infrared Thermal Imaging

Welcome to GC Scheer Inspections & Testing, LLC.  We are your neighborhood property inspection and thermal imaging company in Montrose, PA servicing all Home Inspection needs of Northeastern PA including the cities of Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, Montrose, Honesdale, Lehighton, Allentown, Lancaster, Harrisburg, and more. We travel to all areas to best serve you so don't hesitate to call us.

Home Inspections are critical points to any real estate transaction.  Inspections determine the actual condition of a building and its major components. Home inspections are visual inspections, non-intrusive, and performed by a third-party, certified inspector who has no interest in the real estate transaction. Most home owners don't realize how long major areas of their home will last, or can determine the condition of their roof, electrical and plumbing systems, and other major areas of their home.

WHY a home inspection? A home buyer once told me, "We love our home, fell in love with it the moment we saw it, but wanted a third-party inspection--one that was unbiased and would tell me if we should really be in love with it."  This is exactly why a home inspection is so important--validate your purchase.

Through your home inspection, we ensure you know exactly what you are buying, whether it's good, bad, or in between.  Our inspection delivers a detailed report including digital photos.  It's easy to read, thorough, and may be used to negotiate needed repairs before you close the deal. You may want a home inspection before you sell your home. This can help you make repairs and GAIN TOP DOLLAR for your sale.

Another satisfied customer wrote:
"I have had inspections on other properties I have owned and felt that the inspections were not as detailed as they could have been.  Greg provided the most extensive and thorough inspection possible.  Everything was looked at and documented, from minor to major, top to bottom.  Greg even went up on a snow covered roof to inspect the chimneys.  The infrared scanner pointed out many places that is losing energy.  It will be easy for me to fix these issues and am sure I will save the cost of the inspection with the lower the utility bills.  I highly recommend GCS Home Inspections for home inspections.   I also recommend Greg for thermal energy scans to lower your heating and cooling costs."
-J Sola
Dallas, PA

THERMAL Inspection (Infrared) capability identifies missing insulation, moisture, and more--these are all things any other inspector cannot show you. Click here and go to our Gallery page to see for yourself some conditions the would-be buyer didn't know about, and wasn't disclosed by the seller.

SAVE YOUR MONEY by hiring us.  Our fee is so small compared to the price you may pay later for repairs and we understand a tight budget especially in our current economy.  Our family is like yours; we don't like being gouged so we don't overcharge you either.  We provide you with  inspection options best suited for your budget, from a basic inspection to our all-inclusive inspection. We have annual inspections which enable you to sit back and relax and continue to have peace of mind--we will evaluate your home yearly, or as you request.

There are many inspection companies that don't share your compassion with buying a home.  We understand the need for peace of mind; knowing exactly what you are buying, how long it will last, and what should be replaced or budgeted for in the future.  You have our uncompromised integrity--YOU are our client and we do not share your report.  We do not perform home-owner repairs for you following an inspection--no conflict of interest.  We observe and report FOR YOU!  Call us now!

SAVE EVEN MORE! Our infrared technology will save you even more money; our thermal imaging can pinpoint heat loss, missing insulation, and more.  Call us today!

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