GC Scheer Inspections & Testing Goes Green

GCS Home Inspections burns bio fuelWe aspire to make positive social change. 

For two years Greg has conducted research and development for alternative fuels used in diesel vehicles, space heaters, and oil-fired burners.  The feasibility is here! As a result, Greg produces a bio fuel that can be used as a fuel additive (the more used, the better for the envirnoment) made from waste veggie oil feedstock.  Using transesterification, waste veggie oil is turned into a completely burnable fuel source for diesel engines, and oil-fired burners such as furnaces and boilers.  The process byproduct may be used in producing soap, used as fertilizers, or simply composted--everything is biodegradable.

Several local restaurants provide the waste oil:

The Montrose American Legion, Elk Lake, PA

The Depot Restaurant, Susquehanna, PA

If you live in the area, please stop in and help the cause by buying some greasy food. 


Our social change idea:

With the help of our feedstock providers, we hope to soon provide a fuel additive source to our community that is more affordable, less pollutant, and more eco-friendly, than conventional petroleum fuels.  Do you know someone in need of heating fuel?  Call us--we may be able to help.